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Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

‘FRx’ fractional CO2 laser treatment bridges the gap between peeling and skin resurfacing

The problem:

Various signs of sun damage and ageing in the skin:

The classical sign of ageing skin is usually called “a wrinkle”. However, as we all know this is not even half the story. With increasing age the involution of the tissue is evident through a range of different changes. For example, the “common wrinkle” is accompanied by: Pigment changes, coarse pores and calluses, general reduction in volume in the face (and on the body), small blood vessels, decline in elasticity and hydrating properties. Since the development of the first aesthetic lasers in the 1960’s, the pursuit of an all-encompassing fountain of aesthetic youth focuses again and again on the laser.

“Where there is a lot of light - There is also a lot of shadow!”

Indeed, few of the “miracle lasers” of recent years turned out to be shining lights in this field. The only truly impressive results were achieved with laser skin surfacing. Here, the CO2 laser achieves amazing results in a complete renewing of the epidermis, although the patient must be prepared to accept a relatively long recovery time. Since the advent of fractional laser treatment for skin rejuvenation in 2004, many laser wavelengths have been eagerly tried out and claim “incredible results”. However, none have been able to out-do the CO2 in terms of transforming results.

The solution:

Essentially ‘fractional’ lasers ‘fractionate’ the treatment in a number of ways. On the one hand, the laser treatment is applied to tiny dots across the skin surface in a matrix pattern, leaving the majority of the skin intact – this facilitates a faster recovery. On the other hand, the desired results are achieved over a number of treatments, i.e. the whole treatment is divided up into one, two, or several treatment sessions, depending on the degree of treatment that is undertaken.

The results:

Full recovery is complete within 5 to 7 days, with improvements continuing up to a number of months after treatment, depending on the indication. In less than a week it is possible to see the positive effects in relation to enlarged pores, keratosis complaints and pigmentation. Several phases have been observed in relation to skin tightening: The first phase is evident in the first week after the treatment. The second phase of clinical improvement can be noticed 4-6 weeks afterward for the face and 5-8 weeks afterward for the body. Although the clinical effect of skin tightening differs from individual to individual and according to area, an average of 2.5 years of “looking younger” in terms of skin tightening in the face (neck: 4 years, back of the hand: 2 years) is to be achieved after the first treatment. A second session a suitable length of time after the first produces even better results for the patient. Most patients opt for 3 treatment sessions. The different course and results for different indications in the clinical process are best demonstrated with images.

The equipment:

The MedArt FRx fractional CO2 laser is one of the most effective and versatile systems available, offering very gentle, to more powerful treatments according to the indication. The FRx laser, from a company specialising in aesthetic lasers since 1984, is a state of the art means of dealing with the signs of time, sun damage and other marks that appear on our skin, and is hard to beat in terms of safety, comfort and effectiveness.

The Wrinkle

We will, of course, continue to treat volume deficiency with augmentation, superficial wrinkles with botulinum toxin A and sunken areas with tissue tightening and lifting.

Treatments with this Laser include:

  • Scar improvements
  • Fine lines/Wrinkles
  • Removal of Skin Tags/ Warts
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Age / sun / liver spots
  • Melasma
  • turtleneckbefore Before Treatment
  • turtleneckafter After Treatment
  • scarbefore Before Treatment
  • scarafter After Treatment
  • lowerlidbefore Before Treatment
  • lowerlidafter After Treatment