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Acne Scarring

Treatment for acne scarring breaks down scar tissue, evens pigmentation and encourages collagen production, which in turn evens the scarring.

Acne scarring is caused by the wounds trying to heal themselves, resulting in an area of pigmented, thickened skin. The most common types of acne scars are the "ice pick" scars, so called because of their indented appearance, and the pigmented scars, where the acne leaves behind inflamed, red marks. If left untreated these scars can become permanent.

"Ice pick" scars often give women cause for concern as they are difficult to conceal with make up as the makeup tends to collect in the indentation. At Cyfoes Healthcare we are able to use dermal fillers to raise the base of the scar up to the same level as the skin, leaving a smooth, even base on which to apply makeup. However, dermal fillers will not improve the pigmentation.


Treatments Available: